A Piquant Preparation

“I particularly recommend the chicken; our chef prepares the marinade specially and it’s particularly piquant.”

piss based marinade or salad dressing


Pissing Ladies In Fine Hats

It was a fine Victorian picnic, in that precious window between the invention of photography and the invention of portapotties:

pissing at a picnic

Caught Pissing On The Spy Cam

This spy-cam frame of a girl peeing comes from the establishing shots of a capture scene at a bondage site:

spy camera shows Zoey Lane peeing in the privacy of her own bathroom

Forced To Pee On Command

A slave girl pisses when she’s told to piss, and she better not be camera-shy!

bondage pissing in chamberpot

Forced To Pee In The Catbox

Her master is displeased with her, so she’s lost her toilet privileges and been forced to pee in the the cat’s litter box:

squatting and pissing in the cat box submissive nude woman

Via Bawdy Blog.

Pissoir Duty

None of the girls ever liked pissoir duty, but slaves are cheap compared to modern plumbing, and the guests tend to drink a lot of beer that has to go somewhere:



Art is from a Bruce Morgan comic.

Slave Hydration

This is cheaper than modern plumbing:


Tormenting Schoolgirls While They Pee

Picture the scene: a 1920s school in England, with toilets so primitive that they were essentially outhouse-style cabinets, with a bucket under the seat that can be removed through a door behind. According to a school-history book spotted by Spanking Blog, this led to shenanigans of a highly-predictable sort:

“We boys used to go behind the girls’ toilets and open the doors and drag the buckets out when the girls were using them. Sometimes we poked stinging nettles and stung their bare bottoms.”

Urinal Slave

In your master’s bathroom, this would be humiliating but tolerable. But this is Saturday night at the bar. The gay bar. Hope the slave is thirsty!


Pissy Sex And Deep Throat

From Under His Hand:

Master has a gorgeous cock. He really does. It’s thick and meaty and fat. It’s beautiful to look at, beautiful to fuck.

It is the *worst* cock for blow jobs, though. Unless you’re Julia Roberts because her jaw is HUGE. Mine, on the other hand? Not so big. So NOT big, in fact, that I’ve had dentists comment on how small my palate is. My mouth and Master’s dick are the worst couple since Rihanna and Chris Brown.

As a result of this awful pairing, I don’t deep throat very often, which leads to I don’t deep throat very well. Not only because my gag reflex is easier to provoke than a Chihuahua, but because honestly, he likes the gagging for two reasons. 1) He likes how my throat convulses around his dick when I gag, and, 2) I’m woefully weak in the pelvic floor and when I gag, I pee.

He likes the pee. No, I do not know why. Probably because I find it incredibly humiliating to piss myself like a child. He likes to make me all pissy against my will and then flip me over and fuck my pissy cunt and then wipe his pissy cock all over my face. What can I say? He’s a freak.