Pissing In The Sink

Pissing in the sink while your girlfriends take pictures? That’s just naughty!

sink peeing in the ladies room

She’s Pissing, Better Duck!

Duck! She's pissing!

Even Flappers Had To Pee

A vintage pissing photo from the flapper era:

flapper girl on the toiling pissing

Domina Squats To Pee

dominant woman squats to pee in an alley

Pissing In The Woods

Via Kinky Delight:

Japanese girl pisses on the ground in the quiet woods

Pissing Shunga

peeing woman utagawa 1860 shunga

A Drink Of Cowgirl Piss

cow girl pees on man's face in a parched desert

A Wee Trip To The Country

A little too much tea before departure:

a quick stop to squat for a pee beside the road

pissing in the shelter of the car door along a country road

Skilled Pissing Sex-Worker

You’ve really got to hand it to sex workers and their ability to multi-task. Here’s one giving her client an enthusiastic hand job with one hand while pissing with precision into a chamberpot with the other:

piss whore hooker peeing and giving a handjob

A Piquant Preparation

“I particularly recommend the chicken; our chef prepares the marinade specially and it’s particularly piquant.”

piss based marinade or salad dressing