Precision Pissing

She’s got talent to hit the glass from that distance:

pissing in a glass

Bondage Pee Toilet

From Bawdy Blog, just the thing for people who like BDSM and piss play:

glass BDSM piss play toilet

Penny Pax Likes Pissing

From an interview with Penny Pax:

You’re into pissing, a sexual practice which is not really generalized. How did you discover it? How would you explain the fact that people (including you) find pissing arousing?

I don’t really have an amazing story as to how I found out about it. An old boyfriend and I were showering together and he just told me to get on my knees and I did. It’s hard to explain why I enjoyed the warm liquid streaming all over my face, but I did. There’s something about having this natural fluid from another person being shot all over your body, it’s just hot.

Pissing In A Bucket

It’s early in the morning. Two drunk girls who got picked up after slap fight outside a nightclub have been in the drunk tank for six hours now. The cops just laughed and gave them a bucket when they complained they had to pee. So now, they are pissing in a bucket while the whole precinct watches and laughs…

Girl Pissing On Turtle

Did you ever see a girl pissing on a turtle?


Well, now you can.

Hentai Pissing Party

A Chamberpot Moment

Pissing For The Camera

She really didn’t want to piss for her master while he took photos to post on the internet. But after about eighteen hours in the cage, when he let her out and told her to squat and pee, she was afraid to refuse…

Pissing For Master

Master and I have been living together for 3 years, together for 6 and after all this time I am still embarrassed to urinate in front of him. I am not permitted to close the bathroom door when I use it and I must ask permission before I use the toilet. It took at least 3 years to stop blushing just from asking; still, to actually pee in front of him causes my cheeks to burn. Oddly though my embarrassment fuels arousal and when I look at this helpless victim having to expose herself, relieve herself in such an explicit manner terrifies me. Terrifies and excites me all at the same time.


Piss On Her Face

She says she loves it ( backup link ) when you piss on her face. But seriously, in the kitchen?