Soaked Shirt, Semen Face

I don’t quite understand this random tumblr pic. Why is her shirt wet in that pattern? Did he pee on her before he came on her face?

Urinal Girl

It’s a dirty job, but somehow, she’s got to do it.

Meet urinal girl.

Vintage Pissing Penis, Grabbed And Licked

From a 1956 French dirty photo book by Sylviane Doucet, called Chronique d’une pucelle (Journal de Marinette):

Quick Peeing Relief

A quick squirt into a chamber pot, found ’round the net:

chamber pot pissing

Vintage Pissing Photo

From a Tumbr site:

Vintage color pissing photo.

You’ll like it.

Toilet Mouth

There’s a picture here of a girl sitting on a toilet while some guy pees in her mouth. The caption reads:

Every once in a while you find a girl that enjoys this.

It’s true, too. But the girl in the picture? She’s so not one of them.

Neglected Slavegirl Makes A Mess

“Honey, did you remember to take the slave out for her walk?”

“No dear, I forgot.”

“Damn, I’ll bet she peed her in corner again…”

Pissed On In Prison

You’ve got to see this: female prisoner being pissed on by a guard.

Piss On Him

From Vintage Lust:

Pissing Schoolgirls

Nothing like two schoolgirls squatting to piss at the side of the road:

school girls piddling in the road

This picture is from Spanking Blog, so of course they get thoroughly punished for their nasty public toilet habits.